b'INTERNATIONALSTUDENT SERVICES B R I N G I N G O U T S TA N D I N G TA L E N T F R O M A R O U N D T H E W O R L D International Student Services is delighted to share Provided three immigration 101: F-1 Student some highlights and accomplishments. ConsideringRegulations information sessions for UF faculty the changes in staffing and processes, we have beenand staffable to accomplish much and continue to seek ways to Participated in four Passport to UF incoming improve. Over this past year, we have undergraduate student sessions Hired a new Associate Director, International Provided four CPT, OPT, and STEM OPT Student Support and Engagementinformation sessions for F-1 studentsIncreased our core F-1 Advisors from six to eight, Joined many departments for their professional allowing for a ratio of 744 F-1 students: 1 F-1growth trainingsadvisorFormed the International Student Council Teamed up with the Greater Gainesville International Center to create a Friendship Families Partnership program to be launched in I-20 Requests I-20 Update Requests SEVIS Transfer-Ins Check-InsFall 2023 Recognized 169 students during the 28th 2023 1,729 304 234 1,539International Student Achievement Awards ceremony Held our first in-person undergraduate orientation since 2019Spring 20232023SERVICES PROVIDED TO F-1 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS12,000 11,17210,0008,0002022-20236,0004,0002,000 1,7291,539 1,059304 234 663 367 348 6500I-20I-20SEVISCheck- SEVISCPT I-20OPT STEMOPT & Requests UpdateTransfer- Ins Registrations Extension OPTSTEM Requests Ins Extension Reports8 |Global Engagement Report 20232023'