b'OFFICE FOR GLOBAL RESEARCH ENGAGEMENTRESEARCH ABROAD FOR DOCTORAL STUDENTS AWARDEES 2022-2023At the International Center, we believe that students conducting international research need resources that enable on-the-ground and real-time fieldwork. SHREYANSHU AGRAWAL technology and social sciences. Thespecies to understand their patterns of Dept. Chemical Engineering, Herbertresearch combines mathematicalassembly, and functions to help us make Wertheim College of Engineering modeling with participatory methods tobetter predictions about responses Advisors: Dr. Ranga Narayanan & facilitate the design and developmentof nematodes to climate change and Dr. Kirk Ziegler of appropriate and user-focuseddevelop better tools to manage soils. Proposed Research: Instabilities thatdigital farming technology to advanceLocation: Denmarkoccurs at the boundary of two phasessustainable production of industrialKARAH MECHLOWITZwhich can be liquid-liquid or, solid-liquid.hemp as a new and alternative crop Dept. of Public Health, College of Public Location: France in Florida.Health and Health ProfessionsXIAOXING BIAN Location: China Advisor: Dr. Sarah McKuneDept. ofI nterdisciplinary Ecology,MEGAN LEWWWBLANC Proposed Research: Research will College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Dept. of Anthropology, College of Liberalevaluate the impact of a Community Advisor: Dr. Vanessa Hall Arts and Sciences Advisory Boards (CAB) established for Proposed Research: Research aims toAdvisor: Dr. Susan deFrance a community-based longitudinal study evaluate the population abundance andProposed Research: Aims to reconstructon project implementation, community habitat suitability of the endangeredthe historical ecology of a pre-Hispanicengagement, and ethical considerations flagship species, the snow leopard infarming and fishing communityof research. China, and to update the conservation(Tacahuay Tambo) in far southern PeruLocation: Ethiopiastrategies for the long-term survival ofthat was impacted by a severe El NioMEGAN NAKAMURAthis species at a national level.debris flow, the Miraflores Event, Dept. of Linguistics, College of Liberal Location: China ca. AD 1350.ArtsAMANDA BROCK Location: Peru Advisor: Dr. Eleonora RossiDept. of Anthropology, College of LiberalABIGAIL LINDO Proposed Research: Study investigates Arts and Science Dept. of Ethnomusicology, School ofthe earliest neural (EEG) signatures of Advisor: Dr. Daniel Contreras Music, College of Arts novel language learning as evidenced Proposed Research: Examine how pastAdvisor: Dr. Sarah Politz by event-related potentials (ERPs) and societies engaged in place-makingProposed Research: Examines theneural oscillations, and the modulation and landscape formation throughcontemporary musical culture drivenof these effects by factors of bilingual constructing public monumental centersby music festivals in So Miguel, thelanguage experience. in dynamic environments in the largest of nine islands in the PortugueseLocation: NorwayCentral Andes.autonomous region of the Azores.SAVANNAH TROYLocation: Peru Location: Portugal Interdisciplinary Ecology, College of KAREN COKER JAMES MCQUEEN PARR Agriculture and Life Sciences.Dept. of Public Health, College of PublicDept. of Nematology, College ofAdvisor: Dr. Robert FletcherHealth and Health Professions Agriculture and Life Sciences Proposed Research: Research examines Advisor: Dr. Sara McKune Advisor: Dr. Dorota Porazinska and study the response of bird Proposed Research: Investigate theProposed Research: Research usescommunities to savanna degradation in social and cultural meaning of mentalhigh-throughput DNA sequencing tothe Eswatini Lowveld. health and well-being in the contextcharacterize microbiomes of nematodeLocation: Eswatiniof climate change, through the Wolof psychology of Dimbalant. Location: SenegalKAITLIN GATTONI INTERNATIONAL EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2022Dept. of Nematology, College ofSENIOR FACULTY CATEGORYAgricultural and Life SciencesAdvisor: Dr. Dorota L. Porazinska Dr. Danling FuProposed Research: Identify keyProfessor, School of Teaching and Learningassembly processes that drive nematodeCollege of Educationcommunity diversity and composition and define how these communities andJUNIOR FACULTY CATEGORYprocesses change over time. Location: Denmark Dr. Natalie CoersALWIN HOPF Lecturer, Agricultural Education and Dept. of Agricultural and BiologicalCommunication DepartmentEngineering, College of Agriculture andCollege of Agricultural and Life SciencesLife SciencesAdvisor: Dr. Gerrit Hoogenboom STAFF CATEGORYProposed Research: Research addressesMichael Fitzgeraldsustainable agriculture throughCoordinator of Global Engagementinterdisciplinary advancement in theCollege of Health and Human Performancefields of alternative crops, appropriate UF INTERNATIONAL CENTER |23'