b'OFFICE OFGLOBAL LEARNINGS U P P O R T I N G G L O B A L E N G AG E M E N T F O R FAC U LT Y A N D S T U D E N T SGLOBAL LEARNING INSTITUTEThe 2023 Global Learning Institute gathered a diverse cohort of faculty committed to engaging students in global experiential learning activities on campus as part of regularly taught courses. Faculty learned ways to infuse global learning in theSHARON AUSTIN Professor of Political Science curriculum, discussed intercultural competence development and assessment, andDept. of Political Sciencelearned about oral histories and the Sustainable Development Goals. The groupCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciencesvisited the Harn Museum, Florida Museum, Smathers Libraries, and CareerGARRETT BEATTY Connections Center to discover waysto create course activities for students inInstructional Associate Professorconnection to these resources.Dept. of Applied Physiology & KinesiologyCollege of Health and Human PerformanceNATHALIE CIESCOAssistant Instructional ProfessorDepartment of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures College of Liberal Arts and SciencesGLORIA KIMAssistant ProfessorDept. of Engineering EducationCollege of EngineeringHAROLD (HAL) KNOWLESInstructional Assistant ProfessorDept. of Urban and Regional PlanningCollege of Design, Construction and PlanningTARA MATHIEN Clinical Assistant ProfessorDept. of Early Childhood StudiesCollege of EducationMEGAN MOCKOLecturerDept. of Information Systems and Operations ManagementWarrington College of Business ALPA NAWREAssociate ProfessorDept. of Landscape ArchitectureCollege of Design, Construction and PlanningASHLEY OSSIBOFFAssistant Instructional ProfessorDept. of Health Education and BehaviorCollege of Health and Human Performance AMY PARZIALEI have discoveredLecturermany resourcesManagement Communications Centerthrough the GlobalWarrington College of BusinessLearning Institute.CYNTRICE THOMASThe world is here. Senior LecturerDept. of Sport ManagementNathalie Ciesco, AssistantCollege of Health and Human Instructional Professor ofPerformanceFrench & Francophone Studies12 |Global Engagement Report 2023'