b'OFFICE FOR GLOBAL RESEARCH ENGAGEMENTS U P P O R T I N G F A C U LT Y T O B U I L D P A R T N E R S H I P S G L O B A L LYGLOBAL FELLOWS PROGRAM 2023The Office for Global Research Engagement offers a Fellowship to junior faculty to support their international research. Besides funding, the Global Fellows Program offers an opportunity to strengthen their knowledge about how to navigate international research resources available at UF. Fellows learn how and where to find funding to support international research, proposal preparation, navigating Institutional Review Boards, import and export controls, and international permits. Additional topics discussed in a cohort format, and guided by an on-campus mentor are: measuring scientific merit and broader impact on society, international partnerships and agreements, student engagement, study abroad, and experiential learning. In 2022-2023, the following 16 faculty members representing four colleges, received a $5,000 stipend to support their research and travel to 16 countries spanning Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Oceania.1.TRACIE BAKER 4.GOLMAR GOLMOHAMMADI 8.GERMAN V. SANDOYA Associate Professor, Environmental andAssistant Professor, Soil, Water andMIRANDAGlobal Health, College of Public HealthEcosystem Environment, Institute of FoodAssistant Professor, Horticultural and Health Professions and Agricultural SciencesSciences, Institute of Food and Research in Ethiopia Research in ItalyAgricultural SciencesMentor: Sarah McKune Mentor: Maria Silveira Research in BrazilMentor: Steven Sargent2.OZGUR BATUMAN * 5.GRACE JOHN **Assistant Professor, Plant Pathology,Assistant Professor, Biology, College of9.PORCHIA MOORESouthwest Florida Research andLiberal Arts and Sciences Assistant Professor, School of Art + Art Education Center, Institute of Food andResearch in Colombia History, College of the ArtsAgricultural Sciences Mentor: Jeremy Lichstein Research in AfricaResearch in Israel and/or Turkey Mentor: Fatima TuggarMentor: Svetlana Y. Folimonova 6YOOSOOK LEE *Assistant Professor, Florida Medical10.NIA MORALES *3.VICTORIA GERSON Entomology Laboratory, Institute of FoodAssistant Professor, Wildlife Ecology Instructional Assistant Professor, Graphicand Agricultural Sciencesand Conservation, Institute of Food and Design, College of the Arts Research in Zambia Agricultural SciencesResearch in BrazilMentor: Chelsea Smartt Research in Costa Rica and ChileMentor: Dori Griffin Mentor: Bette Loiselle7.ANTON M. MATYTSIN Assistant Professor, History,College of11.MARCIO F. R. RESENDE JRLiberal Arts and Sciences Assistant Professor, Horticultural Research in Western EuropeSciences, Institute of Food and Mentor: Nina Caputo Agricultural SciencesResearch in PeruMentor: Lincoln ZotarelliBRAZILThis year,VICTORIA GERSON , and Instructional Assistant Professor in the School of Art + Art History, andGERMN SANDOYA-MIRANDA , Assistant Professor at the Everglades Research and Education Center, both plan on going to Brazil for their research. Victoria will focus on indigenous design and production techniques that only occur in the neighborhood of Goiabeiras in Vitria, Espirito Santo. The technique is used to manufacture clay pots without the use of lathes or kilns and has been passed down for centuries. This research is part of an emergent movement towards acknowledging a diversity of design practices as legitimate contributions to design history. Germn will work on developing collaborations with Brazilian institutions dedicated to improving lettuce cultivars for food production. Brazil and Florida face similar challenges when producing leafy vegetables and both locations can benefit enormously from the interchanging of ideas, research, and training future plant breeders with a global perspective.20 |Global Engagement Report 2023'