b'EXCHANGEVISITOR SERVICESCREATING A WELCOMING SETTING TO ADVANCE UFS RESEARCH AND TEACHING COLLABORATIONS WORLDWIDETOP HOSTING UF COLLEGES The Exchange Visitor Services (EVS)people of the U.S. and the people of office supports all UF visiting scholarsother nations, our main goals of cultural and students holding J-1 and J-2 visas.and educational exchange permeate all We work directly with our visitors toour activities and efforts.505 ensure their transition to the U.S. andWe believe that our exchange visitors Institute of Food andthe University of Florida goes smoothlyare an essential component contributing Agricultural Sciences and that they will be in the best positionto the cutting-edge research reputation to enjoy their cultural exchange whilewe hold both domestically and on campus. As part of our new structure,internationally. We are proud to bring EVS will also support all of ourin thousands of specialists in all areas, incoming exchange students. including Citrus Research, Neurology,With our objective of increasingPublic Health, Pharmacy, Engineering, 253 mutual understanding between theBusiness and Physical Sciences.College of Liberal Arts and Sciences TOP COUNTRIES OF ORIGIN162College of Medicine 48South Korea45 123Pakistan China128155 IndiaBrazil153 TOP CATEGORIES CountPercentageHerbert WertheimScholars 1050 69%Exchange Students 238 16%College of Engineering Degree-seeking 128 8%Student Interns 86 6%Fulbright25 2%Non-degree 5 0%Total 1532TOP STUDENTS CATEGORIESPercentage Scholars105080 ScholarsExchange Students238Warrington CollegeExchange Students Degree-seeking128of Business Degree-seeking Student Interns86Student InternsFulbrightFulbright25Non-degreeImages: www.flaticon.comNon-degree54 |Global Engagement Report 2023'