b'STUDY ABROAD SERVICES One of the successful new programs& Relations. Led by Matthew Jones, an to come out of the latest edition of SALPAssistant Instructional Professor in the was UF in Italy - Animal Science inUniversity Writing Program, a group of Italy. Led by Dr. Antonio Faciola, an19 students traveled to Cardiff to study Associate Professor in the LivestockBritains legal and social transitionsNutrition department, it saw a group ofpost-Brexit. Students earned three 16 students spending five weeks in Italyof the programs six credits through this summer studying dairy productioninternships at the Cardiff Civil and and management. Students had directFamily Justice Centre, where they took contact with Italian farmers, cheesepart in legal proceedings and helped makers, scientists, and animal scienceassist real clients. The first year of UF in professors. When asked how he thinksWales was a great success. It was inspiring the program impacted his students,to watch UFs pre-law students immerse Dr. Faciola said, The students had anthemselves while volunteering at the legal incredible amount of experiential learningcharity Support Through Court, whereSAPA Tabling, 2023and hands-on activities, such as cheesethey directly assisted clients through theSTUDY ABROAD PEER making at a sheep farm, a cooking class,civil court process. They also worked onADVISORSand visits to dairy, beef, and buffalo farms.Innocence Project files and contributed toIn addition to our growth in study They learned Agriculture in Italy fromthe legal online journal TheJusticeGap,abroad program offerings, this year, farm to table, got to meet many locals, andall while meeting and working closely withour Study Abroad Peer Advisor (SAPA) experienced the Italian Ag-food culture.government officials and law faculty inorganization grew to a total of 42 They also grew tremendously in terms ofCardiff. Everyone in Wales thought theystudents. Our Peer Advisors are a group independence and confidence. For me, it wasand their work were brilliant, said Jones. of study abroad alumni dedicated to so rewarding to see them gain appreciationIn total, nearly 100 different UFsharing their experiences and insights for other cultures and different ways of life. Sponsored programs were led by UFwith peers. They assist our staff with Another SALP program that ran for thefaculty throughout the 2022-2023events throughout the year, including first time this summer was UF in Wales academic year. Study Abroad Fairs, weekly information - Writing in International Studies, Law,sessions, and in-class presentations.Dr. Antonio Faciolas summer classUF in Wales - Writing in International Studies, Law, & Relations led by Prof. Matthew Jonesexperiencing dairy productionUF INTERNATIONAL CENTER |27'