b'INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SERVICES GRADUATE 3842OPT 1100TOP 5 COUNTRIES OF ORIGIN 2022 INTERNATIONAL UNDERGRADUATE 928NON-DEGREE333STUDENTS BY ACADEMIC LEVEL248141 South KoreaVenezuela 1,801China1,702 1 2 3 4 5194 IndiaGRADUATE3,842BrazilOPT1,100 UNDERGRADUATE928 NON-DEGREE333NEW FOCUS ON INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SUPPORT AND ENGAGEMENTVICTORIA DOLCE professional development. She facilitates opportunities for joined UFIC in thecultural engagement and connects students and scholars International Studentwith support services through collaboration with a broad Services unit asrange of partners on campus and within Gainesville, Associate Directoradvocating for the unique needs of both undergraduate of Internationaland graduate students in F and J visa status. Student SupportA Florida native, Victoria earned both her Bachelor and Engagementand Master of Arts degrees in theoretical linguistics in Octoberfrom UF. She worked with international students at the 2022. VictoriaUF English Language Institute as an undergraduate has successfullyemployee, instructor, and Student Life Coordinator. She orchestrated ourcurrently serves as state chair of the Florida Association return to in-personof International Educators and is pursuing a Doctor of orientation for undergraduate students, gatheringPhilosophy in Educational Leadership at the UF College campus resources and Gainesville community partnersof Education. to make this event successful. We had representationHer research interest aims to understand the from the Career Connections Center, GatorWell, Studentexperiences of Haitian educators providing school quality Legal Services, Off Campus Life, Disability Resourceassurance in Haiti. Throughout her career, she has Center, as well as the Social Security Administrationvolunteered with P4H Global, a non-profit organization and Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, amongpartnering with teachers in Haiti to strengthen others. Victoria has also been essential in helping tocommunities and create change-makers in the classroom. form the International Student Council and in creatingHelping people achieve their goals is Victorias passion, a Friendship Families partnership program with the cityand she finds it a privilege to serve and invest in learners of Gainesville. Victorias role will support internationalfrom all over the world every day.students and scholars success in their academic and 10 |Global Engagement Report 2023'