b'OFFICE OF GLOBAL LEARNINGVIRTUAL EXCHANGEThe Office of Global Learning continues to engage faculty across all UF colleges in creating global classrooms through virtual exchange. Each year, UF faculty partner with professors around the world to give their students an opportunity to collaborate on assignments with peers abroad, acquire global perspectives on a given discipline, and develop intercultural competency skills through VE. In 2022-2023, OGL offered the 5-week online Virtual Exchange Training in both fall and spring semesters, during which a total of 18 UF professors and their international partners developed new VE projects to add to their courses in the coming academic year.PROJECT SpotlightPATH TO PURPOSE AND UNIVERSITY OF PRETORIA PRE-UNIVERSITY ACADEMYThis year, OGL supported UFs first virtual exchange in Student Affairs, which was offered through the Path to Purpose Program in the Brown Center for Leadership and Service. In Spring 2023, the Path to Purpose students facilitated a virtual exchange on storytelling and leadership for University of Pretoria Pre-University Academy learners in South Africa. OGL staff provided a workshop on virtual exchange (VE) for the UF students prior to their facilitation of the program, as well as a reflection session following the VE. The leaders of this initiative, MandaMeeting twice via Zoom, UF students and University of Pretoria Pre-University Wittebort, Program Coordinator inAcademy learners in South Africa participated in icebreakers, discussed storytelling the Brown Center for Leadership andbest practices, and shared about their career goals.Service, and Prof. Martina Jordaan fromSTUDENT GAINS THROUGH VIRTUAL EXCHANGEthe University of Pretoria, completed theThe International Critical Thinking and International Communication Attitudes and Spring 2023 Virtual Exchange TrainingBeliefs Survey is distributed to UF virtual exchange students as a pre- and post-survey with OGL and plan to offer this VEeach fall and spring semester. The graph below shows the average responses for some again with enhancements in the comingof the survey questions, gathered from 255 virtual exchange students in Spring 2022. academic year.I hope to continue to inspire and be inspired by others and to never lose sight of these stories of real people when creating change through community work.Soniy Alamdari, Criminology and Political Science with minors in Sociology of Social Justice and Policy and Family, Youth and Community Sciences.UF INTERNATIONAL CENTER |13'