b'OGRE Team Spring 2023: Michael Kung, Sandra Russo, Nargiza Ludgate and Claire AnumbaDr. Russo was a PI or Co-PI onDr. Russo was an AAAS Fellow numerous other USAID and NSF projectswith the US Agency for International that involved research, internationalDevelopment and worked as a gender development, and graduate students,advisor to USAID from 2000-2008. including a ten-year project withShe has led research projects on gender ICARDA in the Middle East on waterand climate change in Africa, gender and livelihoods; and several subawardsand livelihoods in the Middle East, and involving integrating gender intogender transformation with WorldFish. extension in developing countries. OnShe has served as a reviewer for NSF as these and other awards, Dr. Russo hasa member of accreditation committees included UF faculty, graduate students,for several universities globally, as well and staff to encourage their engagementas a reviewer for impact assessment of and scholarship in developing countries.CGIAR centers. Internationally, she has In total, Dr. Russo secured over $30worked with many of the major bi- and million in funding for UF. multilateral organizations includingwith colleagues, on campus, and globally, Alessandra Galie from theDFID, the British Council, OECD, theenriched my days. I hope to continue to have International Livestock Research InstituteWorld Bank and the CGIAR centers assuch good relationships. Dr. Russo said.shared this: We met in Syria 15 yearswell as with major INGOs such as WorldThe International Center is very ago for the first time. We shared a passionVision, Winrock, Mercy Corps, Peacegrateful for and honored by Dr. Russos for the region and for gender issues. I hadCorps, and WMO. contributions to its mission of providing just started my career, Sandra was a seniorWhat will she miss most? Covid wasopportunities to hundreds of faculty researcher already. Her work and advicea shock in so many ways.I missed so muchand doctoral students to expand inspired me in the following years. I learnedthe interactions with colleagues aroundtheir research through innovative from her wisdom, passion, quiet leadership,the world and sad to say, Zoom is not thedevelopment programs.and strategic influencing. same.The interactions and exchanges Dr. Russo has made distinctive contributions to research and practice on gender equality internationally. She enacted her expertise here at UF as well and we all owe a great deal to Dr. Russo for her instrumental role in establishing gender, sexuality, and womens studies at UF. I am grateful to Sandra for her unwavering support, her many notes of encouragement over the years, and her consistent care and collegiality.Bonnie Moradi, Director of the Center for Gender, Sexualities, and Womens Studies ResearchUF INTERNATIONAL CENTER |19'