b'OFFICE FOR GLOBAL RESEARCH ENGAGEMENT1 2 3 4 56 7 8 9 1012.ELEONORA ROSSIAssistant Professor, Linguistics, College of Liberal Arts and SciencesResearch in Norway Mentor: Eric Potsdam13.OLESYA M. SAVCHENKO * 11 12 13Assistant Professor, Food and Resource Economics, Institute of Food and15.HEATHER STARKAgricultural SciencesClinical Associate Professor, Research in New ZealandEpidemiology, College of Public Mentor: Sherry Larkin Health and Health Professions Research in Ethiopia 14.RACHEL SILVERI Mentor: Sarah McKuneAssistant Professor, School of Art + Art History, College of the Arts16.MARCELO OSORIO Research in United Kingdom Mentor: Kaira M. Cabaas WALLAU 14 15Assistant Professor, Agronomy, Institute of Food and Agricultural SciencesResearch in France Mentor: Greg MacDonald* A fellowship supported by the Global Food Systems Institute, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences** A fellowship supported by the Florida Climate Institute 16ETHIOPIAHEATHER STARK , Associate Professor in the Department of Epidemiology andTRACIE BAKER , Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental and Global Health will both travel to Ethiopia to examine khat, an evergreen shrub. Khat leaves are traditionally chewed for medicinal and euphoric purposes, acting as a stimulant drug. Heather will conduct research surrounding the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of khat consumption during pregnancy, as khat chewing is culturally rooted in many societies in East Africa and its use among pregnant women is widely accepted. Due to its value, khat is often grown in suboptimal locations, such as areas with severe water limitations. Tracie will examine this phenomenon and focus particularly on the contaminants in waterbodies within Ethiopia. She will map out potential collaborations with local universities and work with them to expand water quality testing to communities in Ethiopia, many of which are water limited.UF INTERNATIONAL CENTER |21'