b'FROM THE DEANIts hard to believe that its been a year since I started at UFICand what a wonderful year it has been! The UFIC team is fantastic; Ive never worked with a group so united by purpose. And perhaps thats not surprising: we have the most important mission in the university, the mission of internationalization. Its our job to keep UF looking outward beyond our borders, to lead the Gator Nation in working with an ever changing, ever more interconnected world. As I write this, we are emerging from the first pandemic of the 21st century. We are seeing populism rise and democracy challenged around the globe. The first week of July 2023 was the hottest on Earth in recorded history. And all this is happening amidst the disruption of whats been called the fourth industrial revolution: AI. How then shall we respond? With optimism and with action. UF is an internationally engaged research university, with collaborations all over the world. We have the brilliant minds, the technology, and the policy tools to help mitigate these crises and increase resilience not just in Florida, but around the globe. UFICs role in this work is encapsulated in our new mission statement: To forge new paths in international education and engagement, to facilitate global collaboration through transformative international experiences and support services, and to further cross-cultural understanding. Read more in the following pages about what were doing to create the future and make a world of difference. All the best,Marta L. Wayne, Ph.D.Dean of the International Center and Associate Provost2 |Global Engagement Report 2023'