UF Exchange Programs

UF has exchange partners all over the world.  In a given semester or academic year, UF sends each partner a predetermined number of students, and the partner, in return, sends an equal number of students to UF.  A UF student enrolling at a partner school should, if possible, do so as an exchange student and not enroll directly.

Exchange program highlights:

  • Most are one semester long or a full academic year.  A few specific exchanges are active in the summer.  None are short-term.
  • A student on exchange pays tuition directly to UF for all courses.
  • For all courses completed, a student on exchange receives UF credits which are averaged into the GPA.
  • Most exchanges offer courses in specific subject areas.  If a variety of subjects is offered, students are typically required to take one or more courses in the designated field.
  • Many exchanges require fluency in the local language.
  • A UF exchange student is often the only UF student participating in that exchange for that semester.  Because American exchange students are treated just as other students at the campus, studying on exchange is a great immersion experience.
  • Exchange is not an “all-expenses-paid” experience.  Students on exchange make their own living arrangements and fill their free time as they wish.  Studying on exchange is a great way to save money by giving students more freedom to control and plan their activities and expenses.

UF Exchange programs are generally considered the most cost effective way to study abroad because students pay tuition and fees directly to the University of Florida based on the number of credits that they take overseas.  Additionally, students have the ability to coordinate their accommodation, meals, excursions and other program related expenses to fit their budgets.  Students applying to UF Exchange programs will pay a service charge to the International Center that covers the services that our office provides.  Additionally, students will be billed separately for the cost of health insurance enrollment through Cultural Insurance Services International.

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