Online Travel Registration

A DDD issued by the Provost, requires students, faculty and staff who are traveling abroad to register all UF business related international travel with the UF International Center. By registering online, faculty, staff and students will be enrolled in the TeamAssist Emergency Assistance Program, a program that provides 24/7 assistance, including emergency evacuation, repatriation, travel assistance services and security coverage. Departments are to assume responsibility to pay charges incurred in delivering emergency assistance to persons on university business who are not enrolled in TeamAssist Emergency Assistance Program. Please note that this insurance is only for travel on university business and cannot be used for personal travel! If you combine personal travel with business travel, please enter only the start and end date of your business travel.

To register an international trip online, simply log on with your Gatorlink username and password (your directory information will be automatically displayed). Please provide emergency contact information, destination(s), dates and foreign site contact information, then print your TeamAssist Emergency Assistance Program card and policy brochure.

If you have any question, please contact Linda Gritman or Yanping Cheng.

Note: TheTeamAssist Emergency Assistance Program is not a health insurance policy, but only an emergency assistance plan covering evacuation and repatriation. Please note that your UF health insurance policy may have restricted coverage while abroad, and that you could be liable for a significantly higher share of medical expenses than at home.  We recommend that in case of doubt you check your individual policy.  If you would like to purchase additional international health insurance, we recommend the following provider: This plan is not under UF contract, but only a suggestion.

If you travel abroad on a study abroad related business trip, such as visiting an exchange partner or an independent study abroad program, you are eligible to purchase CISI, a UF approved health insurance plan. Faculty who accompany students on a UF sponsored mission trip abroad or any other volunteer experience, are also eligible to purchase CISI. Please fill out an enrollment form and submit together with a check, cash or money order ($35 per month, $ 10 per week - subject to change without notice) to the study abroad front desk at the UFIC. If you come in person, we will issue an insurance card right away. If you submit your enrollment and payment via mail, we will send out the card via email. The enrollment fee can also be charged to your department if a chart field and a name and email for a departmental contact is included in the application.

For Frequently Asked Questions about TeamAssist Emergency Assistance Program, click here.

Checklist for International Travel: Please print and complete the following check list for submission to your department, before your Travel Authorization is completed.

Group Travel

All students who participate in one of the many international trips through the Health Sciences, a UF College or Student Government are required to purchase international health insurance, Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI), through the UF International Center, unless they have GatorGradCare. The trip leader should submit one check made out to the University of Florida that covers all trip participants at $35/month per person, or $10 per week/per person up to three weeks (subject to change without notice). Along with the check, the trip leader will have to submit a completed enrollment spreadsheet to our office. (Please add all participants to the spreadsheet and indicate whether or not they have GatorGradCare insurance). All students and accompanying faculty will also have to complete the online travel registration.