Cuba General License

For academic travel to Cuba, please be aware that the general license can only conform to the following scope of activities:

  • Student participation in structured educational program as part of course offered at UF, provided the program constitutes a full term of study and is no shorter than 10 weeks in duration in Cuba
  • UF Graduate students conducting academic research in Cuba specifically related to Cuba for the purpose of obtaining a graduate degree
  • UF student participation in formal course of study at a Cuban academic institution, provided UF gives credit and course is no shorter than 10 weeks
  • teaching at a Cuban academic institution by teaching faculty at UF, provided no shorter than 10 weeks
  • sponsorship of Cuban scholar to teach or research at UF
  • organizing and preparing for activities described in 1-5 above by full-time employee of UF

If you fall into any of these categories, please send a request to the International Center to: including the following:

  • Name on passport
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • College
  • Year
  • Degree/Program
  • Planned Dates of trip
  • Purpose
  • Planned Places to be visited
  • Planned Activities
  • If you are traveling with any kind of materials or equipment, please list

The International Center then will provide you with a Cuba qualification letter.

The general license does not authorize travelers to take equipment into Cuba . The licensing authority for equipment is governed by the Dept of Commerce not Treasury. The general license only pertains to the travel into Cuba. Transferring export controlled materials and/or equipment overseas, either through international travel or shipping may require an export license. This requirement for an export license may even apply when the material and/or equipment being transferred originated overseas and is being returned to its place of origin. If you are planning to either travel with or ship any materials and/or equipment overseas, please make sure to include that information on your request letter to us so that an export control review may be completed and a license obtained if necessary. The transfer overseas of materials and/or equipment subject to export controls, without the required license is a violation of Federal law and subject to administrative, criminal and civil penalties including monetary fines and jail time. For additional information on export controls in general contact Brandi Boniface at 352 846-1501.

Cuban Requirements for Authorized Travelers

The Cuban government requires a valid passport and visa for entry into Cuba. Although Cuba may issue visas upon arrival to U.S. citizens, the U.S. government strongly recommends that all travelers to Cuba, including religious workers, obtain the appropriate type of visa ahead of time and, if required, specific authorization from Cuban authorities in order to avoid any potential problems with documentation upon arrival in Cuba. TravelDocument.Com can assist in obtaining a Cuban Visa.  For more information please refer to Travel.State.Gov in reference to travel to Cuba.

As a traveler you must retain records related to your travel transactions. Such records shall be available for examination for 5 years from the date of each transaction. The U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control may require the submission of a report from Licensee (UFIC), or students or employees concerning activities undertaken pursuant to your trip and the use of the general license.

Please contact the International Center if you have any questions or concerns or click here for more information.

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