Beijing Center for International Studies

Increasingly and with fascination sometimes bordering on bewilderment, the world is watching the rise of China as a major economic and political power in global context. The University of Florida will need to have a presence in China if we aspire to be a credible, effective, and engaged global institution. To have an effective representation in China, one must be physically present there, and the University of Florida is. We operate the Beijing Center for International Studies (BCIS) with a modest office located in the university district in Beijing. Staffed by a Director and a small support staff, the Center focuses on and facilitates our interests in China. The BCIS effectively puts UF "on the map" as a serious and legitimate player in China.

BCIS provides services to the UF community in five major areas:

  • Offering an international studies program to UF students, in the format of an extensive, 13 week summer course; this will enable students to fulfill their language requirement in one summer.
  • Recruiting international students from China to the UF campus.
  • Providing information to UF students about opportunities to study/research in China, especially when scholarships are offered by the Chinese government.
  • Marketing technology transfer from UF to China or vice versa.
  • Provide opportunities for UF faculty to conduct teaching or/and research in China.