International Travel

UF is pleased to offer all UF faculty, staff and graduate students traveling on UF business (such as conference, research, meeting, etc) the CISI Emergency and Health Insurance Plan, a comprehensive health insurance plan including emergency medical evacuation and repatriation insurance Please note: Coverage on this policy requires registration of each trip on the UFIC travel registry.  Only travel on university business is eligible for coverage; personal travel is not included. Please note that UF faculty leading study abroad programs / study tours are not eligible for this plan and will still need to purchase health insurance through our office by completing this form. Faculty on these types of program will not need to register with the International Travel & Insurance Registry.

UF is committed to ensuring the physical well-being and safety of every student, researcher, faculty, and staff member while abroad on university business. In addition to the CISI plan, we provide 24-hour emergency contact support, monitor international events and reach out to travelers as necessary, and inform program participants of potential health and safety issues.  Further information on travel, including procedures and restrictions for embargoed countries, is available elsewhere on our site.  For other UF travel-related questions, please contact Dr. Susanne Hill at