Establishing a Reciprocal (Student Exchange) Agreement

Please follow the steps below to establish a reciprocal agreement:

  • Based on the agreement template (available on this website), the UF academic manager negotiates the terms of the agreement with the partner institution.
    * All agreements must be "for the benefit" of a specific college at UF. Agreements are typically not university-wide but between two colleges.
  • An electronic copy of the draft agreement must be sent to Susanne Hill at for review before any further steps can be completed.
  • The academic manager prepares the Letter of Approval based on the template (available on our website).
  • The academic manager submits the Letter of Approval along with the agreement to his/her UF Department Chair & College Dean to obtain their approval signatures.
The academic manager submits to UFIC the following:
  • The Letter of Approval and agreement signed by the Dept. Chair & College Dean.
  • Attachment A to include the contact information for both parties.
  • A list of pre-approved courses from the host institution along with UF course equivalencies.
  • The Dean of the UF International Center signs two original agreements on behalf of the UF President.
  • UFIC sends two original signed agreements to the partner institution for signatures.
  • The partner institution signs both original copies of the agreement, returns one to UFIC, and retains one for its files.


  • Upon receipt by UFIC of the fully-executed agreement from the partner institution, the agreement is activated and an electronic copy is forwarded to the academic manager.
  • UFIC stores legal original of the agreement for UF reference and includes it on UFIC website listing.

If you have question or require more information, contact Susanne Hill at 352-273-1500 or