Transitions - Study Abroad Re-Entry Colloquium

Returning from study abroad can be a confusing, emotional, and even exciting experience. This 6-session colloquium is an opportunity to explore the different aspects of returning from study abroad in a way that is more in-depth than the traditional one evening session offered by UFIC.

Career Assistance

  • Recognize the impact of study abroad on future career goals
  • Summarize skills gained from study abroad experiences to potential future employers and graduate schools

Civic Engagement

  • Discover ways you can reconnect with your study abroad country's culture at UF and in Gainesville
  • Select internationally-focused volunteer activities within Gainesville

Connections with Others Going Through the Same Process

  • Construct mutually beneficial relationships with other returnee students

Exploring Feelings

  • Identify, explain, and manage feelings about returing from study abroad
  • Reframe negative thoughts about study abroad re-entry

Paths to Go Abroad Again

  • Identify the various options available for returning abroad
  • Connect with professionals across campus and in the field who work with programs suitable for returnees

Academic Reintegration

  • Describe the similarities and differences in academic culture at UF and abroad
  • Discover internationally-focused UF classes offered through various departments

Intercultural Exploration

  • Identify cultural differences and similarities between the US and your host culture