2013 International K-12 Teacher of the Year Award: Donald DeVito

Dr. Donald DeVito is a Music and Special Education Teacher at Sidney Lanier Center School. The Sidney Lanier Music Program is global in scope and is linked with universities and music programs internationally through research, cooperative music projects, and professional music education organizations. Examples include projects in Haiti, Pakistan, Guinea, England, Ireland and Brazil in which his students either receive adapted music education activities with universities in these countries or engage with other students and children in creating music and sharing curriculum using Skype and interaction through the International Society for Music Education, a professional organization of 70 countries. Dr. DeVito has spearheaded projects that have provided aid and education to international populations, many who are often forgotten. "His aid has gone beyond monetary support. He has shared his passion and professionalism enhancing lives of individuals with and without disabilities," said Ms. Denise Schultz, Principal at Sidney Lanier Center School.

Sidney Lanier performs with students in Pakistan