Ask not what UF can do for you, ask what you can do for UF

Dr. Rufei Liu is a visiting Scholar from China at the English Department’s School of Foreign Languages.  Rufei is working with Dr. Carpenter and will give a lecture comparing English and Chinese literary devices.  Despite having only been in the United States for little more than a month, Rufei has already begun teaching Taiji lessons to her new friends and co-workers at UF, seen Michelle Obama speak at the O’Connell Center, and developed a strong relationship with her sponsoring professor Dr. Carpenter.  Rufei, familiar with one of John F. Kennedy’s famous quotes, said that she had modified it to fit her situation:  “Ask not what UF can do for you, ask what you can do for UF.” 

Rufei hopes to better understand and experience American culture while she is here, but she is also very focused on sharing Chinese culture with the UF and Gainesville community.  Rufei enjoys playing the zither, a traditional 7-string instrument.  She is also very knowledgeable about other classical Chinese arts such as Beijing Opera as well as the masks used for Beijing Opera.  Rufei plans to present during UFIC’s International Education Week; she will be playing the zither and telling passers-by about other elements of traditional Chinese culture such as the history of Chinese instruments and how the Zither relates to Chinese tea ceremony. 

Dr. Carpenter’s research is a big inspiration to Rufei.  She feels she is learning a great deal from Dr. Carpenter by working with him and watching him teach; she has learned a lot of teaching strategies from Dr. Carpenter and feels that she can apply much of what she is learning here to improve her teaching and research in China.  One of Rufei’s goals for her research her at UF is to translate some of Dr. Carpenter’s work into Chinese and present it to her peers when she returns home.