Juan Camilo Giraldo Vásquez - 2012 Diane Fisher Award Recipient

2012 Diane Fisher Recipient: Juan Camilo Giraldo Vásquez

Juan Camilo Giraldo Vásquez is a Colombian musician born in Fresno, Tolima. He moved to Ibagué, Tolima to pursue studies and practice saxophone in the Conservatorio de Música de Ibagué and received a scholarship to attend a United World College in Wales. He is one of UF’s Davis Scholars and a senior pursuing degrees in Music Performance, Music Composition and Sociology. In November 2012, Juan received one of the Diane Fisher Scholarships UFIC gives annually to two undergraduate international students for outstanding service in the community.

Juan plays in many musical ensembles. He also started “Karimagua,” a Colombian folk music group, which has performed locally and internationally. His composition “Alachua”, won a competition in 2010.

Juan is a University Scholar and the current president of Por Colombia (PF) UF, which is organizing the PF Conference this spring to discuss resolutions for social, economic and educational change needed in Colombia.