Study Abroad Program Development for UF units with undergraduate academic programming

Request for Proposals

Eligibility:  University of Florida units (departments, centers, programs, etc.) with undergraduate academic programming

Submission Deadline:  November 30, 2016 [5:00 pm U.S. Eastern Standard Time]

The University of Florida International Center (UFIC), in coordination with the Learning Without Borders initiative, invites proposals from UF academic units (departments, centers, programs, etc.) for the development of sustainable curriculum-based signature study abroad programs. We intend these awards to foster Study Abroad participation at the unit, faculty, and student level. Specifically, we seek proposals for programs that will: 1) be unit-centered and ideally utilize multiple faculty members, rather than be connected to a single faculty member’s research or teaching interests; 2) contain academic content that meets curriculum (major, minor, etc.) requirements; and 3) be marketable as a signature experience with particular appeal to undergraduate students within the specific unit. In addition, proposals that identify ways to increase Study Abroad participation rates for under-represented students (defined in terms of student demographics and/or by unit/discipline) will be particularly appealing.

We anticipate providing funding up to $25,000 for up to five proposals.

Submission Guidelines:

Proposals must be submitted by the unit head (chair, director, etc.), and must include the following:

  • A completed RFP Cover Sheet.
  • A concept note of no more than three pages that should include the following:
  • A definition and outline of the proposed program, including the program concept; potential location; whether the program will run in the spring, summer, or fall term; types of student experiences (academic coursework, service learning, internship, research); any other particularly innovative or desired program features;
  • An explanation of how the proposed program will meet curricular needs and requirements and serve as a signature program for the unit (include if necessary any additional curriculum development requirements—for example, might students need to take a parallel online class to stay on track while abroad, etc.);
  • An estimate of potential or target number of student participants;
  • A vision for program sustainability, which will generally require utilizing more than a single faculty member in program development and implementation (please identify likely faculty participants) and may also include things such as fundraising for program scholarships, innovative marketing, etc.; and
  • Any other important, unique, or notable features (potential collaboration with another unit, targeting under-represented student populations, how it might address barriers to student participation, etc.).
  • A proposed one-page budget identifying expenses directly tied to setting up the program, such as:
  • Expenses for a site visit for 2-3 faculty;
  • Expenses related to bringing to UF a visitor from a potential partner institution or organization abroad that might participate in some aspect of the program;
  • Lump sum salary payment or professional development funding for faculty to coordinate and develop the program ($5,000 maximum); and
  • Any potential cost-sharing support the unit might provide.

Please note the following:

  • Learning without Borders reserves the right to fund any or none of the submitted proposals.
  • Proposal decisions will be announced by December 15th, 2016.
  • UFIC will work closely with the funded units as they move forward to develop a formal study abroad program proposal. All funded units will be required to submit a formal program proposal and make all reasonable efforts to implement the proposed program (including design, marketing, recruitment, etc.).
  • Funded programs must incorporate measurable international student learning outcomes appropriate to their disciplines.
  • Multiple units may collaborate on a proposal. In such cases, the concept note and budget should address the needs for all participating units and the heads of all participating units must sign the cover sheet.

Please submit completed proposals electronically as a single pdf file, in the order above, by email to by November 30th, 2016 5pm EST.

UF unit representatives and interested stakeholders are invited to attend a RFP information session on Monday, October 24th from 10-11am in the UF International Center’s Large Conference Room (inside the Hub). Individual consultations in advance of the proposal deadline are also welcome.

For questions on proposal development and guidelines, please contact Dr. Matt Jacobs, Director of Undergraduate Academic Program at and Dr. Angela Miller, Director of Study Abroad Services at

For questions on the application submission process, please contact Cindy Tarter, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Academic Programs by email at