Student International Travel

Visiting the world outside our country's borders can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Whether you intend to study abroad, begin an international internship, volunteer with the Peace Corps, or conduct research then UFIC can provide you with important information to make your journey the best it can be.

Individual Undergraduates and Student Group Travel

All students traveling abroad with a UF Medical mission or service program, a FAB program, or any other non-credit bearing program outside the US must complete the Student Travel Registry. Individual students on international trips mentioned above will need to purchase CISI health insurance through the UFIC by submitting the CISI enrollment form. The cost is $35/month or $10 per week/per person up to three weeks (effective August 1st and subject to change with contract renewals) to be paid by check or cash.

Student group travel will need to be approved so group leaders should submit the following to the UFIC:

  1. One check made out payable to the University of Florida that covers all trip participants at $35/month per person, or $10 per week/per person up to three weeks (effective August 1st and subject to change with contract renewals) submitted to the front study abroad desk at UFIC.
  2. A completed ‘current’ CISI enrollment an Excel file. List all participants and indicate whether or not they have GatorGradCare insurance).
  3. A complete itinerary of the proposed trip, including contact information onsite to be sent to the following email. along with the CISI enrollment spreadsheet for approval.

IMPORTANT: Accompanying faculty will also have to complete the International Travel & Insurance Registry.

International Students

  • International students who are going abroad to conduct research will be covered by either GatorGradCare or by their international student health insurance and will therefore not have to purchase CISI insurance. They will still need to complete the Student Travel Registry.
  • International students who are going abroad to conduct research in their home country are NOT covered by either GatorGradCare or their international Student health insurance plan and will therefore have to purchase CISI and complete the Student Travel Registry.

Students traveling to a country with a travel warning posted will need to contact Susanne Hill for approval.

Travel Warnings

The Department of State provides travel warnings for countries of potential unrest and danger around the world as well as information on travel regulations and recommendations. Please note that the University of Florida follows these recommendations and will generally not approve students to go to such countries to earn credit towards their degree. Petitions can be submitted to the UFIC Executive Director. Please contact Susanne Hill for more information. Students who want to study in Israel, please contact Angela Miller.  

Entry to Other Countries

For entry to another country, please consult the following web sites to verify whether a visa is required for entry: Foreign Consular Offices in the US and/or Foreign Embassies of Washington D.C. All students must secure documentation to permit entry to another country.

If traveling to Canada or Mexico, please contact those embassies well in advance to find out the requirements. You may also contact the U.S. embassy in Canada (list of embassies) or Mexico (list of embassies). If you are going to Canada or Mexico in regard to your U.S. visa you will need an appointment.

International Students Traveling Abroad

Foreign students should check with the respective embassy in their home country since different requirements may apply to travel to another country. Foreign students must also ensure documentation permit to re-enter the U.S. F-1 international students, click here for re-entry requirements and J-1 international students and interns, click here.