Staff Listing

UFIC is located in 1765 Stadium Road, Suite 170 Hub. Phone: (352) 392-5323 / Fax: (352) 392-5575.


Study Abroad Services

Angela Miller, EdD

Director, Study Abroad Services
Middle East and North Africa, Australia Exchanges, Pharmacy, Journalism N-Z, and Semester at Sea
(352) 273-1524


Caroline Cully Garbers

Assistant Director, Study Abroad Services
Global E3, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Iceland and Russia, Canada, UF Sponsored and Provider programs in Ireland, Maynooth, Australia, and New Zealand
(352) 273-1518

Jennifer Nalli

(352) 273-1539


Sarah Evans

Study Abroad Advisor
Asia, Brazil, Portugal, Law Programs, UF in Fez, Non-UF Students, Journalism A-M, and Law Programs.
(352) 273-1506

Brian Henry

Study Abroad Advisor
Spain and Latin America (not Brazil), Dublin Business Program, and Dublin Institute of Technology Exchange
(352) 273-1522

Jill Ranaivoson

Study Abroad Advisor
Italy, Greece, Sub-Saharan Africa, and UK
(352) 273-1528

Aaron Watkins

Study Abroad Advisor
France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, MIB, and Journalism
(352) 294-3335

Susan Lukowe

Business Manager
(352) 273-1534


June Bristol

Coordinator, Accountant
(352) 273-1504


Linda Gritman

(352) 273-1507


Yanping Cheng

Senior Fiscal Assistant
(352) 273-1517



Incoming Exchange Students

Lyn Straka

Coordinator, Incoming Exchange Students
(352) 273-1510