Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Association

Since August 2012, the University of Florida has not benefitted from the presence of an official Peace Corps recruiter on campus. There are many and complex reasons for this loss but we in the UF International Center have every intention of responding to those of you with an interest in Peace Corps. We sincerely regret the loss of this resource to our students. But the good news is that we still intend to work with any and all interested individuals who are considering the opportunity to serve as Peace Corps volunteers by drawing on the experiences and good will of returned Peace Corps volunteers in the Gainesville area.

The Gainesville Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Association (RPCV) consists of former volunteers who have served Peace Corps in wide spread regions around the world and in every programmatic area.  These individuals have also served as volunteers at a variety of ages from right out of college to post-retirement. These returned volunteers continue to have the passion and commitment that first brought them to the Peace Corps. Many are also available to meet one-on-one with students or to talk directly to classes about their experiences as volunteers. By so doing so, the returned volunteers hope to maintain the status of the University of Florida as a major source of new volunteers, a role we have played for many years.

Here’s what you need to do to access the returned volunteers as a resource for your specific interests and/or purposes:

Contact the RPCV group at if you would like to speak to a former volunteer individually or have a volunteer come speak to your class or organization. Please be specific in your request so that we may contact the volunteer(s) who will be most appropriate to speak to you or your group. The following information will speed your request to the returned volunteers group:

  • Format of meeting (one-on-one, small group, class or organization, etc.)
  • Seeking an individual volunteer or a panel of volunteers
  • Seeking volunteers who served in a particular region or programmatic area (health, education, youth and community development, business and communication, agriculture, environment, HIV/AIDS, Food Security)

For current information about Peace Corps, please note the regional contact as follows:

Mr. Chad Chernet
Central and North Florida Regional Peace Corps Recruiter
Tel: (407) 450-8840