UFIC welcomes new Peace Corps Recruiter

The University of Florida International Center (UFIC) is pleased to announce that Breton Homewood will take over as the new Peace Corps campus-based recruiter replacing Bobbi Stienmetz who is pursuing a career opportunity overseas. 

Homewood volunteered in Paraguay from 2012 to 2014 and extended an additional year as Peace Corps Volunteer Coordinator from 2015 to 2016. Homewood worked extensively in the Agriculture sector specializing in beekeeping, organic gardening, tobacco production, and chicken farming. 

In his capacity as Peace Corps Recruiter, Homewood will manage the Peace Corps Recruitment Office at UF and advise interested students, faculty and community members about Peace Corps. He will also provide support to the UF Peace Corps Prep Program by assisting students to build skills needed during PC service. Additionally, Homewood will be actively engaged within the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer community, acting as a liaison between perspective volunteers and returned volunteers.

Peace Corps has thousands of volunteer opportunities for Americans aged 18 or over who are interested in public service abroad. One of the goals of the Peace Corps is to help the people of other countries gain a better understanding of Americans and our multicultural society. The agency actively recruits people with a variety of backgrounds and experiences to best share our nation's greatest resource–its people–with the communities where volunteers serve around the globe.

Since the 1960s, UF has played an important role in contributing outstanding individuals to Peace Corps, and more than 1,300 UF alumni have served as Peace Corps Volunteers throughout the years. In 2016, the Peace Corps program turned 55 years old, and UF also had much to celebrate, after once again being ranked third nationally on the List of Top Producer of Peace Corps volunteers. With a total of 58 UF graduates currently serving in various parts of the world, UFIC expects to continue its strong performance to contribute volunteers in specialized areas such as Education, Youth in Development, Health, Community Economic Development, Agriculture and Environment.

“We look forward to working with Breton in his new role and wish the best to Bobbi Stienmetz, whose contributions during the past two years were vital to the development of the Peace Corps Ambassadors, the Peace Corps Prep Program, and the Master’s International Program on campus.”, said Leonardo Villalón, Dean of the UF International Center.

The Peace Corps office is located at the UF International Center in the Hub (1765 Stadium Road, Suite 170). Homewood will have office hours by appointment.

To contact Homewood, please call 352-294-2267 or peacecorps@ufic.ufl.edu

To learn more: peacecorps@ufic.ufl.edu and www.peacecorps.gov