Innovation for International Development Symposium 2013

Posters Presented by Category

Technology Transfer

  • Diego Valderrama - Examining the Potential of Seaweed Aquaculture in Mexico
  • Engineers without Borders Student Group - Engineers Without Borders - University of Florida Aripalca Project:  Improving the Access to Water in a Community in the Bolivian Highlands
  • Christopher M.    Clingensmith et al. - Spectral Data Fusion to Infer on Soil    Properties in Smallholder Farms in India
  • Clyde W. Fraisse - Climate Forecasting to Reduce Risk for Paraguayan Farmers
  • Yiming Xu et al. - Transformation Potential of Smallholder Agricultural Farms using Spectral and Geospatial Technologies

Capacity Building

  • Robert Buschbacher  et al. - International Collaboration Networks for Conservation and Development in the Brazilian Amazon
  • Addison Staples - Sport for Development: Using the Power of Sport to Address Local and Global Development Objectives in Developing Nations. Case Study: SIM

  • Reginald Toussaint et al. - Production of Biofertilizer through Biodigestion of Organic Residues to Sustain Food Security in Haiti

  • Peter Donkor et al. - Strengthening Earthen Shelters with Engineered Synthetic Fibers

  • MEAS Group - Extension and Advisory Service for Women’s Groups in   Jordan


  • Matteo Covertino et al. - Unveiling the Spatio-Temporal Cholera Outbreak in Cameroon: a Model for Public Health Engineering
  • Lin Shou et al. - A Personal Sampler for Sampling Inorganic Acids

  • Subhankar Mishra - Amortization and Self-sustained Communities

  • Adegbola Adesogan et al. - Plant-based Dewormers for Controlling Intestinal  Parasites in Small Ruminants

  • Kevin Fennelly et al. - Detection of Tuberculosis with the Small Membrane Filter Method

  • Scott J. Edmundon et al. - Algae Cultivation for the Bioremediation of Waste Streams and Production of Biomass for Fuel and Feeds

  • Reza Ehsani et al. - Low-Cost Remote Sensing Tool for Agricultural       Applications in Developing Countries