Important Dates

Spring 2016
Summer A/C 2016
Summer B 2016
Fall 2016
Dec 7 - Jan 5
April 9 - May 9
May 30- June 29
Jul 23 - Aug 22
Jan 4 ($100 late fee after 5:00pm deadline)
May 6 ($100 late fee after 5:00pm deadline)
June 24 ($100 late fee after 5:00pm deadline)
Aug 19 ($100 late fee after 5:00pm deadline)
Classes Begin
Jan 5
May 9
June 27
Aug 22
Tuition & Fees
Jan 15th
No Later than 3:30pm
May 20
No Later than 3:30pm
July 8
No Later than 3:30pm
Sept 2
No Later than 3:30pm
Graduate Orientation
Undergraduate Orientation
  • CHECK-IN: Come to the University of Florida International Center (UFIC) with your I-20, passport, visa to complete your check-in process. UFIC’s business hours are 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday excluding state holidays.
  • REGISTRATION: You cannot register without proof of health insurance, immunization, emergency contact and special registration holds removed. Immunization is handled by the Student Health Care Center. For registration information log onto
  • CLASSES BEGIN: It is very important to attend your initial classes
  • TUITION AND FEES: All University of Florida students are required to pay tuition. Your enrollment in classes will be cancelled if your fees are not paid. No fee deferments are available.
    To find out how to pay tuition, click here.
  • GRADUATE & UNDERGRADUATE ORIENTATION are Mandatory for all students.