Alec Courtelis Award

In 1996, Louise Courtelis established the Alec Courtelis Award in honor of her late husband, a well-known financier and former Chairman of the Board of Regents. The award is presented annually at the  International Student Awards Ceremony.

How was I nominated?
The UFIC provided a list of all F and J visa holding students to each college. Each college has nominated two students.

How much is the scholarship for?
One (1) student will receive $3,000
Two (2) students will receive $1,500

I was nominated for this award, what do I do now?
Submit a complete application to the scholarship coordinator, Amanda Apatow by September 1st 2017.

What are the requirements of my application?

  • Email Subject: “Applicant Name – Alec Courtelis Application”
  • All documents must be in PDF format
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Resume or CV

When will the scholarship recipients be announced?
No later than October 20th 2017.

How will I receive my award?
The event ceremony will be held on the Tuesday of International Education Week. This is typically the 2nd week of November. During the ceremony, you and your advisor will be called to the stage. Your advisor will have 3 minutes to introduce you and acknowledge your accomplishments before presenting a plaque.

Can my advisor attend?
Yes! An invitation has been sent to your advisor. S/he has been asked to present your award to you at the ceremony. Please do not include your advisor when you RSVP.

Can I bring guests?
Yes! You are welcome to bring up to two (4) guests. Young children are welcome to attend as long as there is proper supervision.
*If you are also receiving other awards, you may only bring a maximum of 4 guests 

I had my photo taken during the event. How can I get those pictures?
Two (2) weeks after the ceremony, we will post all photos on the website.  You may request individual photos by emailing the photo number and request to Amanda Apatow.

What if I can’t attend?
Debra Anderson will accept your award on your behalf and the UFIC will hold your plaque to pick up.

How will I receive my scholarship?
Those who receive the award will be asked for additional information after the winners have been announced. The award will take 4 – 6 weeks to process and will be applied directly to the students student account.

I have other questions; who do I ask?
Amanda Apatow,