All agreements administered through UFIC are required to have the following items:

  • Academic Manager: A UF faculty member serves as the Academic Manager (AM) for the agreement. The AM for cooperative agreements is the main liaison to the partner institution. S/he will provide an annual report on the activities associated with the agreement. The AM for reciprocal agreements is actively involved in the recruitment of outgoing students. S/he approves applications and assists with the grade and credit conversion. The AM also assists incoming exchange students.
  • For the Benefit: All agreements must be "for the benefit" of a specific college/department at UF. Agreements are typically not university-wide but between two colleges / departments.
  • Proposed Activities: A list of all the proposed activities/projects that are supposed to be carried out under this agreement must accompany the submission of an agreement.
  • Letter of Approval: A Letter of Approval from the UF Department Chair and the UF College Dean / Associate Dean must accompany the submission of an agreement.
  • Certificate of Translation: A Certificate of Translation must be submitted for all agreements in a language other than English.
  • Electronic Submission: All agreements must be submitted electronically to UFIC for review PRIOR to being signed by the partner institution and UF.
  • Signature Authority:  By direction of the President, The UFIC processes all international agreements, reviewing all formats and accompanying approval letters, coordinating approval by General Counsel and signature on behalf of the President by the Dean of the International Center.