International Agreements

The University of Florida extends itself globally through international agreements which are facilitated through the UF International Center (UFIC).

International agreements can be signed between the University of Florida and another international institution / entity providing for the general collaboration on research, faculty exchange, academic interchange or other matters of mutual interest. In some cases, the reciprocal exchange of students is governing an agreement. Contracts and other arrangements involving research, publication rights, or intellectual property are processed through Research and Graduate Programs.

UFIC facilitates:

  • Cooperative Agreements:  An agreement with very general terms. It always requires a separate written agreement to govern specific provisions.
  • Reciprocal (Student Exchange) Agreements:  A specific legal contract arranging the physical exchange of students with an international partner institution. The host institution must be accredited and cannot be located in a country with a travel warning (Israel is an exception to this policy).
  • Study Abroad Contracts: Program contracts that specify services rendered onsite by a third-party provider during a study abroad program.
  • Other Types of Agreements: Options to be proposed and devised by the cooperating institutions in consultation with the UF College, Department and UFIC.

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