Graduate Certificate in Global Health and Development (for current UF students)

There is an increasing awareness that universities can play an active role in addressing existing and emerging global health problems. These problems are interdisciplinary and dynamic. Addressing them effectively requires engaging researchers and professionals from a wide range of fields. Faculty and graduate students from across the UF campus are actively involved in research and training closely related to global health – including public health, medicine, veterinary medicine, agricultural sciences, dentistry, pharmacy, social sciences, engineering, biology, geography, business, and more.

The UF Graduate Certificate in Global Health is a university wide effort to engage students in understanding and addressing global health challenges. The program primarily targets graduate students in existing UF degree programs from across campus.

The certificate requires students to take 12 graduate credits in courses related to global health within their discipline (or degree program) and outside of it. The courses are intended to accomplish three main objectives: providing students with an introduction to key global health threats, developing skills relating to how their field addresses global health issues, and exploring how other disciplines or professions address these issues.